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Follow The Five P’s: How To Organize A Food Crawl

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Follow The Five P’s: How To Organize A Food Crawl

WILL WALK FOR FOOD. A guide on how to organize a food crawl, an event where food enthusiasts gather to walk around and try different places and dishes around a theme. There’s my recipe for miang kana, a dish that we had on our recent Thai food crawl in Elmhurst Queens.

How To Make A Make Your Own Profiterole Bar

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - How To Make A Make Your Own Profiterole Bar

The words “empty cream puff shells” almost sound sad and lonely, but not when they’re the centerpiece of a Make Your Own Profiterole Bar! They become catalysts for excitement and “profiterole-abilities” when paired with ice cream and whipped cream for filling and chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce, and caramel sauce for drizzling and all sorts of sprinkles, nuts, candies, etc. for dazzling.

Where Can I Rent a Kitchen in NYC?

The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table

To answer the age old dilemma of I NEED A KITCHEN!!! Here’s a list of kitchens you can rent in New York City to create a product, cook for catering or events, hold classes, shoot photos or video and even hold small events.

Smoked Duck Is My Fast Food

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Smoked Duck Is My Fast Food

Imagine if people could get smoked duck breasts instead of hamburgers at a fast-food joint. That’s the world I want to live in. You know that old saying: “Give a man a smoked duck breast that’s vacuum-sealed and will live in the refrigerator for months, and he will always have a delicious meal up his sleeve.”