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Listen to clips of Jackie singing her own songs, jingles and songs that were featured in her shows.

Song: If I Could Date Cheese

A clip of Jackie singing the tune she wrote for her eatertainment show Say Cheese: a tongue-titillating tasting of artisanal cheeses, wines and the songs they inspire.

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Song: The Fried Chicken Blues

Jackie singing a clip from the tune she wrote for The Fried Chicken Theory According to Jackie Gordon.

One of the worst experiences, food-wise, is cooking something delicious, saving it for later and finding out it’s gone when go to eat it…

Voice and guitar, played by Austin Brady, recorded in Melbourne, Australia in 1999.

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“My Baby Just Cares for Me”—from the show and compact disc Black Pearls and Strange Fruit

Jackie sings a classic made famous by Nina Simone.

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Lyrics: Jackie Gordon Writes A Song For You Jingle

I wrote a jingle about what I can do for you quite a while ago. It’s still relevant today, but it’s on my must update list!!!

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