Food, music, & humor—now that’s eatertainment!

The Fried Chicken Theory According to Jackie Gordon

I’m passionate about blending food, music, humor and fun facts together to create events, tastings and workshops that entertain and inspire people about eating and cooking. I call it “EAT-ertainment.”

Eat Old Food

I believe that eating, cooking and sharing old food—the foods that our ancestors ate—is at the heart of creating healthy and strong foundations for families, friendships and communities. Cultures break down from generation to generation. Food traditions and memories remain a most powerful imprint to who we are.

Food is a common denominator, a leveler of differences, it creates an even playing field. Food helps create curiosity about one another and encourages the exploration our cultural differences. Food gives us opportunities to gather, to interact and to celebrate life.

Food Heals

There were heart breaking upheavals in my family that included the loss of a brother, I never knew, to suicide, the disowning of my mother from her family and the self-inflicted expulsion of my father from our family.

However there was one thread that remained unbroken even though some of us never met and that was our shared love and reverence of food. By sharing food, my little displaced family grew to become a huge extended family. Our bonds and strength were nurtured and nourished at the dinner table.

Food Teaches

As human beings we have diverse beliefs and experiences, but we can learn to appreciate and understand each other a little better over food. I picked three things that make most people very happy—food, music and humor. I weave them with the facts (that can often be unexciting—read: BORING) into fun and delicious value driven events. My multi-sensory approach guarantees you not only a good time, but you actually learn stuff too. Don’t worry. You don’t really notice—it’s by osmosis!

Get “Eatertained” & You May Learn Something, Too!

In my show The Fried Chicken Theory According To Jackie Gordon, I wanted to break the dinner show rule. That rule being that the food had to be incredibly mediocre, uncared for, unloved. I created an homage to soul food and soul music where the food was one of the “stars” of the show. It was based on my simple theory that people who make soul music grew up on soul food so people who still love music should be able to enjoy the food and the music together. I wanted people to leave the show fat and happy and more knowledgeable about the history of one of Americas only indigenous cuisines.

In my show Say Cheese: a tongue titillating tasting of artisanal cheeses, wines and the songs they inspire, I set out to create a “Fromage en Cabaret,” where people learned that artisan made cheeses are superior in taste to supermarket cheeses and learned how to pair cheese and wines. I wanted to ease the stress of going into a cheese department like Zabar’s or Murray’s and getting so overwhelmed that you just grab the cheeses you know and run.

With Chocolate on Top

I do lots of fun stuff with chocolate through my company Divalicious Chocolate Events. From music chocolate tastings where each luscious chocolate bon-bon is matched to a song to chocolate fountain rentals, chocolate networking and my favorite: chocolate, cheese and wine pairings. Show your friends a good time—get my DIY NYC Chocolate Tour Guides.

The History of Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

I’ve always cooked and I’ve always sang. I created my singing-chef niche in 1999, while living in Australia, where I produced my first eatertainment dinner show, The Fried Chicken Theory According to Jackie Gordon.


As an award-winning performer, trainer and speaker, my global stage, television and radio appearances include performing and producing sold-out shows such as Black Pearls and Strange Fruit (My first show won Best Show of the Melbourne Fringe Festival! The prize was placement in the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts—THIS WAS HUGE!) and The Fried Chicken Theory According to Jackie Gordon in the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. In New York, I produced sayCHEESE!, a cheese-and-wine cabaret show that received rave media and audience reviews, as well as a 2005 New York Nightlife Award nomination. I hosted the Brooklyn, New York, cable television show, Neighborhood Beat BoCoCa.

No Singing at the Dinner Table

I’m currently developing my first cookbook CD called “No Singing at the Dinner Table”: Lip-smacking foods, toe-tapping tunes and tongue-wagging tales from the diva of deliciousness, singing chef Jackie Gordon. It will have over one hundred of my recipes and up to sixteen of my original love songs about food, such as “If I Could Date Cheese.”

Sponsor, Partners & Clients

I have created numerous “eatertainment” shows and been amazingly lucky to partner with many brands including Artisanal Cheese Center, Diageo, Texas Beef Council, BMW Australia, Tabasco Australia, etc. My chocolate-event clients include Ernst & Young, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pfizer, UBS and many more.

Where You Can Connect with Me

I eat out and cook a lot. Get on my mailing list and you get access to my DIY NYC Food Tour Guides. The first series are all places that you can eat chocolate on-the-go in NYC. You’ll find me tweeting as @divathatateny and blogging under The Diva That Ate New York. I’d love it if you’d like my Facebook page: Jackie Gordon Singing Chef. Mostly I post about stuff I’m eating and cooking and eating and cooking and eating…

Where I Belong

My food community is extremely important to me. I’ve been a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (Gratuitous Name-Dropping: Julia Child herself told me to join!) since 2003. I joined the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance and Toastmasters International in 2010.

Where I Give

Alas, I think my life’s purpose maybe going out to dinner… I wash away any guilt about not having a nobler purpose, like feeding the poor, with fine food and wine. I do support food related charities when I can, like doing my bit by being a Nudie Foodie. Yes, you read that correctly.


I recorded my first CD, Black Pearls and Strange Fruit: The history of Black American women and their struggle for racial dignity, in 2000.

Credits: The Fried Chicken Theory According to Jackie Gordon caricature is by the very talented Andrew Foster. The photo of Jackie Gordon Singing Chef is by James Penlidis.