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If You Knew Sushi Like I Knew Chicken Sushi

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - If You Knew Sushi Like I Knew Chicken Sushi

What if you left the rice out of the sushi? Well, the smarty pants in the room would say that’s just “sashimi” and they would be correct. I use chicken instead of rice in these baked, nori-wrapped, veggie-stuffed chicken sushi rolls. They say sayonara very quickly when I serve them. They’re low-carb, gluten-free (when the sauce is made with gluten-free soy) and very tasty.

Pavlova Dances on My Tongue

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Pavlova Dances on My Tongue

Ethereal… that’s my experience of a well-made Pavlova. I fell hard for this dessert when I first had it in Australia. There’s something about the contrast of the pillowy soft sweetness of the meringue against the cool lusciousness of the whipped cream and the sparkle, tang and varied flavors and deliciousness of the fruit. Passionfruit is very common in Australia, but not so much in New York. Whenever I see it here it’s a SIGN that I must make a “Pav” as it’s called down under.

Daikon to Die for

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Daikon to Die for

Even though it’s one of my favorite cuisines, I rarely cook Japanese food because many of the dishes are very complex and you need special ingredients. Braised daikon with mushrooms is very simple to make. It does require a couple of unusual ingredients that I always try to keep in my pantry. I try to stock up on them at the Japanese grocers, but you can get dashi, mirin and dry Chinese mushrooms or fresh shiitakes in many Korean-run “bodegas” here in New York and many places online.

Green Tomato Roulette

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Green Tomato Roulette

LUCK is what you need to grow tomatoes these days because at any moment globally warming ENRAGED Momma Nature can throw drought, flood, frost, hail, etc. to seriously dent or demolish your tomato harvest. If you’re lucky and you get tomatoes and you have too many tomatoes, I encourage you to make Bread & Butter Green Cherry Tomato Pickles. You can also just buy green tomatoes as they have also been showing their faces at many a green market these days for fried green tomatoes. They are delish but these are healthier and keep better.

Go Beyond Seaweed Snacks: Nori Chips

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Go Beyond Seaweed Snacks: Nori Chips

Looking for something new to crunch on? Try delicious nori chips made from sheets of seaweed. Not talking about the Korean-Japanese chips that you get in the package, although I do love those as an on-the-go savory snack. I’m talking about a nori chip that thinks it’s a taco chip. It’s having an identity crisis and who benefits? We do!

Bacon Makes My Breakfast Better

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Bacon Makes My Breakfast Better

Sometimes it seems if it weren’t for bacon, I might starve. Like I wrote in my song, “Bacon Makes Everything Better,” and it often makes my breakfast better. But not by in the traditional way of a side of bacon, but better with bacon fried rice. If you have just one strip of bacon, one egg and some old rice and any sort of veggies, you, too, can make a delightful breakfast.

That’s a Wrap: Salted Caramels

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - That’s a Wrap: Salted Caramels

Swoon… that was my reaction to eating well made, homemade caramels. I believe the first salted caramels I ever tasted were from Fran’s Chocolates in Seattle. All hail the Queen! It was many years ago and I remember thinking,“Oh my god! What HEAVEN is this?”