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We visited the Dia Museum in Beacon, New York, yesterday. Favorite works of art: Richard Serra’s Torqued Ellipses and Sol Lewitt’s Wall Drawings. I want to live inside Serra’s works, paint the interiors white and draw all over the walls like Lewitt.

My favorite works of eat were from Homespun Foods on Main Street in Beacon. After much deliberating because their menu pulled my tongue strings and I couldn’t make up my mind, I chose the Blue Cheese Pear Salad.

They served up a platter piled with greens with loads of perfectly sliced prosciutto, juicy pear slices, Shropshire Blue cheese, toasted hazelnuts and a lemon-dill dressing ($8.95), which in the midst of our feeding frenzy, I remembered to photograph. The bf and I shared this and the dish turned into a battle ground—nearly took an eye out!

Then I took to go one oatmeal-blueberry cookie (soft, chewy goodness, $1.25), one chocolate-chip cookie (traditional and tasty, $1.25) and the best chocolate cookie ever, ever—their outstanding chocolate chunk espresso cookie ($2.25)! It was a cross between an incredibly dense, dark brownie with rich coffee notes and a cookie. These are really worth the drive up or training it or getting shipped, REALLY.

Homespun Foods, 232 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508 (845) 831-5096

NOTE: We also stopped by the Artisan Wine Shop on Main Street. We picked a couple of wines for dinner. Nice selection and reasonable prices. They have a kitchen out the back where the CIA-certified chef-owners have tastings of wine and food. There’s nothing on the schedule food-wise right now, but we will be checking back regularly.

Artisan Wine Shop, 180 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508

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