Drink For The Dogs: Château La Paws Supports No-Kill Shelters

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Drink For The Dogs: Château La Paws Supports No-Kill Shelters

Please drink for a good cause. If I told you there was a line of wines that you can buy to help support no-kill shelters like the North Shore Animal League you might think that’s a nice gimmick to sell some crappy wine. However, Château La Paws from Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines is actually a quite drinkable selection of reasonably priced wines. I went to the launch the other night where I cuddled puppies and met Effie, the only dog from the 12 dogs that were photographed for the wine labels for the Château La Paws line that has yet to be adopted. She is a sweetie and deserves a forever home.

Château La Paws WInes

From the press release:

With three varietals, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Red Wine Blend, Chateau La Paws™ wines are perfect for pairing with everyday meals, enjoying while spending time with your best friends or sharing with fellow dog lovers.  However, with a mission to help the thousands of rescue dogs across the country find fur-ever homes, Chateau La Paws™ is more than great wine.

Through an official national partnership, Chateau La Paws™ Wines proudly supports North Shore Animal League America (NSALA), the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. Since 1944, NSALA has placed more than 1MM animals in happy homes, an effort that will be further bolstered by a $100,000 donation from DC&E. As part of the NSALA partnership, Chateau La Paws™ Wines will also support the Tour for Life, mobile rescue & adoption units that travel to cities across America partnering with local shelters to encourage and facilitate adoptions. In 2015, NSALA will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Tour for Life, partnering with more than 40 shelters and visiting 26 states across the country from March through May.

Chateau La Paws™ Wines has a unique approach to raising and maintaining awareness of this important cause, which starts with the bottle itself. The distinct and playful wine bottles can be easily identified by labels featuring a rotating cast of adorable NSALA rescue dogs. The label images were created with the help of acclaimed photographer and “Shake” author, Carli Davidson, and animal behaviorist, Amanda Giese, who worked tirelessly to capture each dog’s personality. Choosing Chateau La Paws™ Wines is a simple way to support and celebrate the unconditional love between dogs and their owners – and give someone else a chance to make a new best friend.

Chateau La Paws is sold in retail stores nationwide and online at the suggested retail price of $12.99.  You can buy them online.

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