Vegetarian & Vegan
I learned this recipe for cheese wafers made of cheese scraps from Terrence Brennan and Max McCalman, when I was working with them on my show “Say Cheese: a tongue-titillating tasting of artisan cheeses, wines and the songs they inspire.” You can eat them plain, put a soft cheese like a chevre or ricotta on top with some grilled figs or my 4G Green Tomato Chutney. I also like them crumbled over a salad for extra-cheesy CRUNCH!


  • 1 1/2 cups grated Parmesan, pecorino, aged Gouda or other hard cheese
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Pinch of cayenne (optional)
  • Silpat or equivalent silicone baking mat


  1. Preheat oven to 375°.
  2. In a small bowl, mix together all the ingredients.
  3. Line a sheet pan with Silpat or silicone baking mat.
  4. Drop cheese mixture in 3” circular mounds on the baking mat, leaving 2” between circles. Use your finger to flatten the rounds evenly.
  5. Bake about ten minutes until the cheese releases its fat and cheese wafers are golden.
  6. Option 1: Cool for one minute. Lift the cheese wafers with tongs and drape them over a rolling pin to give them a half rounded shape. Allow to cool.
  7. Option 2: Cool completely.
  8. VariationsAdd 1/4 c of black and white sesame seeds to cheese mixture.
Yield: 8 3" wafers


To make Fricos Shards sprinkle the cheese on the baking mat, bake and cool completely. Break into shards.

Ideally, you make these with a hard cheese because they have less fat and hold their shape well. I have made them with blue cheese and it works for intense blue cheese crumbles, but doesn’t hold its shape for the wafers very well. You can mix a softer cheese with the harder cheese to make them as well.