The Wandering Foodie and I check out Iris Cafe in Brooklyn: 93 Plates Project

Meal #22 of The Wandering Foodies 93 Plates project found Hagan and I enjoying breakfast at the Iris Cafe, a new cafe in Brooklyn Heights. One word: Delicious! It’s on the road less traveled: Columbia Place, but that street should get worn out soon by people trekking over to get divine raisin sticky buns, yummy ham and cheddar scones, homey soft boiled, farm fresh egg breakfasts with divine Surryano Ham (It’s spelled correctly!) and awesome oatmeal served up with the best tea I’ve ever had and the super sought after Stumptown coffee!!! We did not even try the sandwiches , but Liza de Guia, Food Curated’s story-teller and self-proclaimed food addict (@SkeeterNYC on Twitter) says they are to die for. So I deliberately did not buy the sticky buns so I could head back very, very soon and try them… and then devour more sticky buns!

We shared:

  • Raisin Sticky Bun
  • Surryano Ham & Cheddar Biscuit
  • Plated Breakfast: Two soft boiled eggs over tomatoes and fresh dill, toast and Surryano Ham
  • Two Eggs and Soldiers: Two soft boiled eggs in egg cups with toast that has been sliced into narrow strips so you can dip them into the yolks—they die for our whims!
  • Old Fashioned Oatmeal with cinnamon apples and a caramel drizzle

Me: Yorkshire Gold English Breakfast Tea from Taylors of Harrogate
Hagan: Stumptown “Cortado”

I was thrilled to see them serving soft boiled eggs. They bring back wonderful childhood memories, yet I never make them because I am always confused about what the Iris Cafe’s owner, Rachel, called the variables. One must have their soft boiled egg variables in order.

Rachel’s Soft Boiled Eggs A La Variable

Gently lower cold eggs on a metal spoon into simmering water cook for five minutes. Remove, place in a cute egg holder, slice the top of the egg and replace it and serve. This will give you nicely cooked whites and runny yolks.

TIP: She also gave me a great tip that people often think the Iris Cafe eggs are poached when they serve them peeled and sliced as part of their “Plated Breakfast”. I suck at poaching eggs and I hate watery poached eggs, so I am going just going to soft boil them in the future and both these issues can be avoided!!

Iris Cafe, 20 Columbia Place, Brooklyn, NY

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