Disclosure Policy

The Diva That Ate New York is a blog written by me, Jackie Gordon. Sometimes I have guest bloggers or collaborate on posts with other writers.

Working With Brands, Sponsors and Partners

All opinions and views on this website are my own. From time to time, I do work with brands and companies on projects, events, reviews, posts, etc., and they may give me products, money, prizes for giveaways, etc. If I do work with brands and sponsors on a post I will say so. I rarely write reviews, but know that my opinions cannot be purchased. If I like a product I will say so, and it’s highly unlikely that I will write about or use any product that I don’t like because I’m very picky about what I eat and use. 

I Get Paid

A lot of my writing is just for my readers, but I do get paid by sponsors and partners and I often get swag from brands and PR companies. Sometimes I win prizes at events and I will mention that on my social media feed. That’s just me stating the fact and being grateful, not necessarily endorsing the product.