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Bacon Makes My Breakfast Better

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Bacon Makes My Breakfast Better

Sometimes it seems if it weren’t for bacon, I might starve. Like I wrote in my song, “Bacon Makes Everything Better,” and it often makes my breakfast better. But not by in the traditional way of a side of bacon, but better with bacon fried rice. If you have just one strip of bacon, one egg and some old rice and any sort of veggies, you, too, can make a delightful breakfast.

Mac and Cheese? Thank You Please

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Mac and Cheese? Thank You Please

Do I really need to write a compelling story about macaroni and cheese or the macaroni and cheese birthday cake I made for my niece when she was two? I think not.

Macaroni and cheese are three magic words that spark instant reaction usually including, but not limited to: Sounds like oooh and ahhh, delight, heart rate increasing, mouth moistening, the welling up of excitement and anticipation, feelings of warmth, coziness, safety, tears of joy, eyes lighting up,  the “juxtapositioning” of immediate gratification, pure pleasure and future guilt, the sweats, jealousy from the people who are not present and many more.