Me eat sushi one day

“Nouvelle” chirashi from Hane Sushi

“Nouvelle” chirashi from Hane Sushi

Had a quick sushi lunch today at Hane Sushi by Stuy Town with the bf’s lovely family. I ordered chirashi, which is usually a bowl of sushi with sashimi on top and oshinko (Japanese pickles—if you are lucky). Not today. The Hane version made me feel as if I’d been thrown into an 80’s nouvelle cuisine time-warp—attractive, but stark and contrived and small! While I am all for good food-porn fodder, I don’t believe in sacrificing size for looks.

Good thing for them, this diva had already wolfed down a lip-smacking spanakopita with the most killer hummus in NYC from my fav food shop, Sahadis, in my ’hood. That had taken the edge off, so I ate the art and was happy. Or was that the two-for-one Sapporos talking? They have two-for-one beer, sake and cocktails all the time—good thing to keep in mind!



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