The Diva That Attended CookieFest10!

Peppermint Crusted Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies                               Photo credit: Margaret C. Doughney

Peppermint Crusted Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies                     Photo credit: Margaret C. Doughney

How do you exercise self-control? I’m asking because when it comes to baking and cooking I suck at it! I rarely cook a simple meal, especially if I’m entertaining. I’m an excess-is-best type of gal as you can see from this past Thanksgiving or the cookies and chocolates I whipped up last year: Jackie’s gone Christmas cookie crazy 2009!!!

When I was invited to CookieFest10, a New York City and environs food blogger’s holiday cookie swap organized by some friends I “met” via Twitter, @thepeche (Chris), @thetoughcookie (Gail), @abbydodge (Abby) and @threemanycooks (Maggie), I was thrilled. What kind of cookies would/could/should I MAKE?! I was on the road to more! More! MORE!

Then I found out we were to bake only three dozen of just one kind of cookie. DRATS! I got a wee bit deflated. I was going to be seeing some old friends and meeting some people I’d been dying to meet, it was going to be awesome! I wanted to cook up a storm! One cookie does not a storm make… Plus, I had to decide what cookie I’d be making in advance. YIKES! I had to commit! There was no room for whim. No room for a last-minute-moment-of-inspiration. Gulp…

Luckily, I decided to follow the instructions and exercise some self-control for a change! I committed to the Peppermint Crusted Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies two weeks before the event. I’d made them last year so there was little margin for error. Plus they are delish, a little complex to make and pinchably cute, so I was happy with my choice. I bent the rules slightly by making both a chocolate and a vanilla shortbread cookie as the base and I made three dozen of each. Hey! They are very small cookies!!!

The benefits were HUGE! Less work for me and we had a cookie storm after all! When twenty-four people make at least three dozen cookies (and yes, some of them made several kinds — Yeah for excess!) you wind up with an insane amount of cookies. I came with 2 boxes of cookies and left with five boxes. It was MUCHO fun! I shot a quick video of the spread.

Photo credit: Margaret C. Doughney | Savory Sweet Living

Here’s a few pics of food bloggers at eat-swap



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Jackie, lovely candy cane cookies, and I love your winnowing basket.  I haven’t seen one in years!

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I must say for someone who loves excess you did an excellent job exercising self control for the cookie swap.  Your cookies were so festive and delicious, and thank you for the photo credit.

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