Jackie Gordon Singing Chef Presents The Greatest Food Love Songs Of All Time

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Jackie Gordon Singing Chef Presents The Greatest Food Love Songs Of All Time


Imagine yourself biting into a sensuous beef slider in slow-motion. Your teeth penetrate the buttery, pillowy goodness of the lightly toasted bun. Your mouth gets misty as your teeth crunch through the crisp lettuce and sinks easily through the perfect ruby-red heirloom tomato. You shudder slightly as a flood of tomato juice spritzes your inner cheek. You pause for an almost imperceptible second before biting through the exquisitely charred shell to arrive at the perfectly seasoned sanctum of the medium-rare beef patty. You’re chewing, all the components of the burger are doing the slip and slide on your tongue. Flavor sparklers are bursting from the sides of your now enormous smile.

At the same time, you’re listening as Jackie explains how umami, the sixth taste, known as an absolute deliciousness in taste, works and how combining umami-rich foods like beef and tomatoes causes a FLAVOR EXPLOSION in your mouth. She explains, “Umami turns your mouth into the ‘Boom-Boom Room’. When you combine foods that are rich in umami, oooh baby, they heighten each other’s the flavor exponentially. One plus one is no longer two, but eight or even ten. I’ve seen people eating umami-rich foods sweat, rock in their seats and wax poetically about the pleasures on their plates. I’ve seen the consumption of umami-rich foods turn eating into an evangelical experience…

She sings (from her original song: “Ooooh! Mommy, It’s the Umami”)

I’d say, “Oooooh! Mommy that burger’s delish
She’d say, “Honey that’s the umami.”
Ooooh! Mommy my taste buds are getting their wish!
She’d say, “That’s the umami.”

THE RESULT: All your senses are in the throes of a burger rapture.

In the multi-sensory journey, Jackie Gordon Singing Chef Presents The Greatest Food Love Songs Of All Time, each delectable tune gets wrapped in delicious bite and sprinkled with wit and humor.

A Cocktail Party Concept: The room is set with a bar and hors d’oeuvres stations for the guests to self-serve throughout the event. Jackie pairs signature appetizers with songs over a two hour period.

A Dinner Show Concept: Jackie hosts a sit down, four-course dinner, introducing the first three courses each matched with a tune. She follows the dessert course with a full performance of songs.

The Greatest Food Love Songs Of All Time Running Time: The event is flexible to your event needs.

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