Jackie’s gone Christmas cookie crazy 2009!!!

I had a bit of spare time and a lot of extra chocolate this holiday season so I started dipping and whipping up a storm of Xmas cookies. When I finally finished and I looked back at the boxes of over twenty types of goodies I’d made, the thought did cross my mind that I might need some sort of intervention. I also decided that next year, if I am feeling cookie compelled I would get some elves —if it’s good enuf for Santa… I shared them, I traded them, I gifted them and even had some hand delivered to Trinidad. Needless to say I spread them around and made a few folks very happy.

Baked Goodies:

  • Stained Glass Shortbread: candied ginger, currants, cranberries and apricot shortbread
  • Prosperity Cookies: turbinado sugared chocolate dollar signs so all who eat them embody more sweeter profits in 2010
  • Peppermint Topped Chocolate Candy Canes: chocolate dipped, cinnamon chocolate shortbread with a little crushed peppermint “snow” on top
  • Xmas Trees Sandwich Cookies: raspberry jam filled w/ chocolate garlands, tiny candy canes & gingerbread sprinkles and ivory balls
  • Lemon Curd Stars: luscious lemon curd in delicate shortbread (not pictured)
  • Espresso Dusted Chocolate Cinnamon Stars: cinnamon chocolate shortbread drizzled with chocolate and dusted with espresso sugar
  • Heavenly Hazelnut Squares
  • Viennese Crescents: classic buttery almond cookies rolled in powdered sugar
  • Pistachio Snowballs: same as Viennese crescent, but with pistachios

Chocolate Goodies:

  • T.J.‘s Peppermint Joe Joes
  • Christmas Crackle Crunch: crushed sugar wafer and peppermint candy in semi-sweet chocolate
  • Nutter Butters
  • Xmas Grahams
  • Xmas Sugar Wafers
  • Xmas Sprinkled Pretzels (not pictured)
  • Xmas Tuiles
  • Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops
  • Xmas Sprinkled Marshmallow Pops (not pictured)
  • Toasted Sesame Chocolate Lace
  • Pistachio & Cranberry Bark
  • Peanut, Pretzel, Raisin, Marshmallow Rocky Road


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