Korean fried chicken quest: Boom Boom Chicken | Fort Lee, NJ

When @flavorista (aka Barr Hogen) came to visit New York, we went on a food adventure in New Jersey with my new video camera…

First stop: Boom Boom Chicken in Fort Lee. I think it should be called Crunch Crunch Chicken because it’s ultra-crunchy without being greasy. We had the drumstick and wing combo half in soy garlic and half in hot pepper paste. Boom Boom is like a temple of chicken. That is all they sell. It comes in choice of four ways with a choice or a combination of the two sauces. Upon first bite, everyone asks, “How do they get it so crunchy?” Apparently, there is some double frying going on. However they do it, it’s fierce!!! It makes the perfect appetizer to a Korean BBQ meal which was our second stop, Somoonnan Jib, in Palisades Park. There we had bulgogi, pork belly and shrimp on the barby as well as a killer seafood pancake. Oh, they could have rolled us back to the city. YUM!!

Boom Boom Chicken 553 Main St., Fort Lee, NJ 07024(201) 592-9700
Somoonnan Jib 238 Broad Avenue, Palisades Park, NJ 201 944 3998

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