On being a diva

When you’re a woman who sings, you get often get called a “diva.” I used to think, “I don’t want to be called a diva—arrogant, conceited, hard to work with, more shoes than sense.” There was no way I was one. I had no time in my life for negative attitudes and behavior. But then I examined the diva facts as they pertained to me and what I do…

Diva Fact # 1: Divas are very good at what they do.
Prima donnas, the original divas, were the leading women in opera; they were the best. I studied years to be a singer and a chef. I am continually learning more, always improving my skills. I am very good at what I do and I always strive to do my best. I’m happy to be called a Diva.

Diva Fact # 2: Divas are passionate about their craft.
I’ve loved making food and music my whole life. On their own, they each make people very happy and served up together, they make people ecstatic. Food and music are two of the last good things in life. Oh, they can be corrupted and horribly manipulated, but they will always be as basic as eating a freshly picked berry and humming your favorite tune. I get to make people happy with my gifts and it’s always reciprocal. They eat, I eat. They listen, I listen. They laugh, I laugh, They learn, I learn. It’s all good. I’m full. I’m happy to be called a Diva.

Diva Fact # 3: Divas are demanding.
I have always had high expectations about what I am willing to put in my mouth. I have always been demanding in pursuit of good food and service in stores and restaurants to the point where certain places may have been happy to see the back of me. But people who get the benefit of my high standards have been very happy to eat my food. I’ve been caterer to the caterers because I am the person you go to when you want food cooked with passion and loving care. Divas are demanding, but who else would you want in your corner? I’m happy to be called demanding when I am demanding the right things. I’m happy to be called a Diva.

Diva Fact # 4: Divas are great cooks.
Cooking and singing are two passions that go hand in hand. If you truly are what you eat, fine cooking has fueled some of the best songstresses of this century: Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson, Eartha Kitt, Patti Austin, Kate Smith, Aretha Franklin, kd lang, Patti LaBelle, and many more “cook” on stage and off, feeding the band, writing their cookbooks, feeding their passion. I’m in good company. I’m happy to be called a Diva.

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