The Diva That Hosted Chinese New Year Potluck 2012

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - The Diva That Hosted Chinese New Year Potluck 2012

It’s baaaaaack! By popular demand and because we had such an incredible time last year, Ken and I are hosting the “Year of the Dragon” Chinese New Year Potluck on February 4th, 2012.

I hosted my first Chinese New Year feast party around 20 years ago, with over 30 dishes and I cooked E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G myself. When the guests arrived, my hands were bleeding and I was nearly comatose! I remember my mother saying to me, “WHAT DID YOU DO?” It was a killer party and I did it because I wanted to throw a party that I thought I’d never be invited to.

Last year, when Ken and I threw the first Chinese New Year Potluck I realized how crazy I’d been!!! This is how to do it! The tri-state food blogger and friends community came together, each bringing a dish and together we wound up with a stupendous feast of amazing foods from all over Asia… and we ate it! We ate every bit of it—seriously… there were no leftovers. So save-the-date and plan to spend the afternoon feasting on Asian food with your favorite food loving friends! 

Here’s Ken’s beautiful recap of our event from last year with delicious pictures.
Here’s mine with the list of all the dishes that were served.


  • Bahn Xeo: Crispy Saigon Pancakes with Shrimp (savory), Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce and Toasted Sesame Chocolate Dipped Kumquats (sweet) Jackie Gordon @divathatateny… this is my blog….
  • Sichuan Wontons in Red Hot Oil (savory) Margaret Sweet Savory Living
  • Auspicious Walnut Cookies (sweet) and Sesame Gold Nugget Cookies (sweet) Ken @hungryrabbitnyc Hungry Rabbit NYC
  • Scallion Pancakes (savory) Waisum @urbanblitz Urban Blitz Flickr
  • Almond Green Tea Cupcakes (sweet) and Cold Sesame Noodles (savory) Kate @KDBabbles Food Babbles
  • Asian Pulled Pork (savory) Nian Gao: Chinese Sticky Cake (sweet) Andrea & Jeff @highlowfooddnk
  • Peking Duck Pancakes (savory) Kathy @TheExpGourmand The Experimental Gourmand
  • Fruit Wontons (sweet) Georgie @GeorgieCakes Georgie Cakes
  • Indonesian Chicken Satay (savory)  Borahm @kitchensurfing Kitchensurfing
  • 5 Spice Almond Cake (sweet) Dan @renegadekitchen Renegade Kitchen
  • Fat Choy (savory) Veronica @veronicachan World to Table
  • Red Cooked Pork (Sichuan style) and Dry-Fried Green Beans. (savory) Grace & Michael @eatdinner Eatdinner Blog for Family Dinner
  • Thai Satay with Satay Sauce (not peanut based) and Cucumber Pickles (savory) Nicole @andbabycakes3 And Baby Makes Three
  • Long Life Noodles (Lo Mein) and Kabocha Squash with Ginger (Chao Nan Gua) Melissa @mmarksshih Everyone Into The Kitchen
  • Almond Cookies (sweet) and Egg Rolls (savory) Rodney & Larry @RodneyBedsole @LarryGarlandNYC   Rodney Bedsole   Larry Garland
  • Pad Thai Balls (savory) Eryn Ugly Food Tastes Better
  • Mongolian Cabbage Salad (savory) Stir Fried Bok Choy (savory) Laura @gourmettenyc Gourmette NYC
  • Laotian Deep Fried & Stuffed Chicken Wings (savory) Sweet & Spicy Mushroom Stir Fry (savory) April @aprilsomboun Sophisticated Palette
  • Vietnamese Chicken Salad (savory) Sekita KikaEats
  • Chicken Curry Onigiri (savory) Hazel @tastypursuits Tasty Pursuits
  • Vietnamese Shrimp and Pork Belly (savory) Ian Design By Ian Robinson
  • Kumquat Curd Topped Black Sesame Shortbread Bars (sweet) Emily @nomnivorous Nomnivorous
  • Japanese Kakuni Style Pork Belly (savory) Mariko @MarikoRENYC Mariko on Twitter
  • New Years Sushi Roll (savory) Simon
  • Fortune Cookies (sweet) Kirsty @goodtasteguide Good Taste Guide
  • Taiwanese Cucumber Salad (savory) Jessica @foodmayhem Food Mayhem
  • Tea Eggs (savory) and Banchan (savory) Brian Brian Yarvin
  • Almond Milk Dessert (sweet) Maria Of Pots, Pans And Food
  • Japanese Custard Pudding (sweet) Lillian @sweetsillianah Sweets By Sillianah
  • AustralAsian Pulled Chicken Curry (savory) Sarah @sarahmclellanny The Aussie Who Ate The Big Apple
  • Vietnamese Noodle Salad (savory) Alison @alisonpaterson5 Alison Paterson
  • Chilled Tofu with Scallions & Peanuts (savory) Debra @eatquestnyc EatQuestNYC
  • Thai Cucumber & Peanut Salad (savory) Alissa @glamsnack Glamorous Snacker
  • Chinese Almond Cookies (sweet) Rose
  • Hoisin Chicken Sliders with Asian Slaw (savory) Lynne Chefs To Dine For
  • Kung Pao Chicken (savory) Kristen The Artful Gourmet
  • Sichuan Dry Sauteed Green Beans (savory) Jennifer @cucinaprovera
  • Mango Rice Paper Rolls (sweet) Nneka @Nnekums
  • Chinese Honey Walnut Shrimp (savory) Maggy Three Many Cooks
  • Beef Rendang (savory) Pork Adobo (savory) Justin Just Cook NYC
  • Rice Pudding with Dragon Fruit (sweet) Asli
  • Korean Duk Gook: Rice Cakes in Beef Broth (savory) Susan
  • Hoekduk: Sweet Pine Nut Filled Pancakes (sweet) Asil
  • Korean Acorn Jelly w Kimchi (savory) Connie @theconniechung
  • Spicy Lacquered Chicken Wings (savory) Helena @helenabk
  • Kai Yuk: Pork Belly & Taro Root (savory) Steamed Laotian Fish Curry (savory)Stephen
  • Dorayaki (sweet) Yoko @Y_says


Every person attending the pot luck MUST bring an Asian dish.

Your Asian dish can be sweet or savory and from anywhere in Asia or just Asian inspired. I will be keeping track of what dishes people plan to bring right here, so we don’t get any doubles. It also helps to look at the menu to whet your appetite for the feast that will be a-coming. Plus, the people who can’t come LOVE reading about it. Hopefully they’re inspired to throw their own potluck or to make a trip to NYC to join us for the next one. Add what you’re bringing to the comment section and I will add it to the post with your blog and Twitter handle (if you have one) and tweet about it.

It would be ideal if your dish goes with Tiger Beer since they’re sponsoring our potluck this year. I’m super excited about this because I really like Tiger Beer with Asian food. I think it washes down the spicy foods beautifully!!!

Show Tiger Beer some LOVE by FOLLOWING them on Twitter and LIKING them on Facebook.

You could also make a dish with Tiger Beer, but it still has to be Asian… The first thing that comes to my mind is Tiger Beer battered anything… YUMMY FRIED FOOD! Or maybe a casserole.

It’s FREE! It’s a no holds barred Meet UP Feed UP. We’d love you to show us and Tiger Beer LOVE by spreading the word about what you’re cooking and how it was to attend this event. Tweets, FB posts, Google+ posts, blog posts, Pinterest, etc. are all supremely appreciated.

The hash tag is #TigerCNYPL.

February 4, 2012 from 1-5pm

Chinese New Year Potluck is in the city this year, at Studio 580, 580 8th Avenue, NYC and 38th St (close to Penn Station). We are expecting more people this year, so my house was not an option this time.

The official invite has been sent. If you didn’t get an invite—let me know!!! If you did get an invite, respond quickly spaces are limited! if you did not receive an invite you may not be on my Tri-State Food Bloggers mailing list or my Food Biz Peeps Who Can Get To NYC mailing list. You should sign up NOW!

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