“All Souled Up and Licking His Chops”—The Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)

(Republic Restaurant & Bar) March 2001 Reviewer: Paul Stewart

If the devil is floating around at the moment looking for souls, I am a prime candidate.

After attending Jackie Gordon’s Fried Chicken Theory at the Republic Restaurant as part of the Food and Wine Festival, I am totally souled up.

With a mouth-watering array of soul food on hand. Sweet soul music on offer and a gospel choir belting out the Jesus vibes, this is one heavenly show.

Gordon—singer, chef and comic—gets the message across better than a deep-South preacher as she spreads the word about her homemade cooking and her love of great black American music.

She takes us on a journey of the food of the American south, providing delicious samples before whipping off her apron to reveal a slinky little red dress. Thus adorned, she pays homage to great soul singers like Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Ray Charles and Percy Sledge.

She also provides the audience with amusing insights into their eating habits. For an overload of oral and aural pleasure, do not miss this show.