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Green Tomato Roulette

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Green Tomato Roulette

LUCK is what you need to grow tomatoes these days because at any moment globally warming ENRAGED Momma Nature can throw drought, flood, frost, hail, etc. to seriously dent or demolish your tomato harvest. If you’re lucky and you get tomatoes and you have too many tomatoes, I encourage you to make Bread & Butter Green Cherry Tomato Pickles. You can also just buy green tomatoes as they have also been showing their faces at many a green market these days for fried green tomatoes. They are delish but these are healthier and keep better.

The Diva That Made Pickled Cherries

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - The Diva That Made Pickled Cherries

Gotta love cherry season! There’s nothing like munching on a big bowl of those fresh beauties!

I had a cherry-based dessert at Gotham Bar & Grill recently. I remember thinking that it would have been better with sour cherries because sweet cherries lack the deep cherry flavor and tang that I love.

That got me thinking about adding the tang back into sweet cherries. What if you made them a little sour by pickling them? As it turned out, they are STUNNING!  PLUS, you get to have cherries in the winter.