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When I cook for events at home, I go into a zen like cooking trance.  I can do it for hours and hours without eating or talking to anyone. Here are some menus for meals and events chez moi. My only rule:No pot luck! You wind up with too many desserts. I make the food, you bring the drinks.

The Menus Of Thanksgivings Past

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - The Menus Of Thanksgivings Past

(UPDATED to include the 2021 menu)
Learn from your past mistakes and your past wins. When I mentioned I was working on my Thanksgiving menu for 2014, a friend asked to share what I was thinking of doing so he might gain some inspiration for his menu. I always write a menu, but I don’t know what I actually made until after I made it. So here’s what I actually made for my double Thanksgivings for this and year and the past fourteen years (I’ve been adding to this post every year). I could have gone further back, but enough already!