Wake Up and Eat Dessert: Pudim Molotov with Matcha Cream & Black Sesame Almonds

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Wake Up and Eat Dessert: Pudim Molotov with Matcha Cream & Black Sesame Almonds

“Stuff ‘em” is my usual stance when I invite guests over to a meal at my house. You will never leave hungry. You will be fed to the point of bursting. You may need to nap between the meal and the dessert. Lately, I’ve been easing up at tad when it comes to dessert. My guests are usually ready-to-explode from the appetizers and main course. To keep them from running, screaming, “I can’t! I just can’t!”, from my house, I’ve been making much lighter desserts.

This past Saturday, Marlena Spieler and I whipped up a brunch of epic proportions. The menu is below. A couple of guests took between-courses naps. They woke up to this ethereal and light Pudim Molotov with Matcha (Green Tea) Cream and Caramelized Black Sesame Almonds. I’d had a version of this dessert for the first time at a Meyer Corporation press dinner at the new, hot Portuguese restaurant, Lupulo, that Julia Stambules invited me to. It was love at first bite. I’d never heard of an egg white flan! So lovely and light. It reminded me of Ile Flottante, but baked in a mold as opposed to in freely formed shapes or quenelles.

I had this idea to make an egg yolk flan and an egg white flan because I already had some Crème Anglaise in my fridge. But that would not have been a light end to the meal so I stuck with the egg white version. The actual Pudim Molotov is traditionally served with a caramel sauce, but I created a Matcha (Green Tea) Cream and served it on a bed of Crème Anglaise with Caramelized Black Sesame Almonds on top and some Van Leeuwen Ginger Ice Cream on the side. Oh, it’s gluten-free to boot.

Brunch Menu

Combined efforts of Marlena Spieler and Jackie Gordon

  • Brik with Eggs & Capers
  • Zchug
  • La Causa Potatoes
  • Daktos Salad with Tomatoes & Herbs
  • Crispy Onion Hummus with Fried Sage & Sumac
  • Feta & Cucumber salad with Tarragon, Dill & Mint
  • Carrot Hummus with Curried Roasted Carrot Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Okra with Tamarind, Ginger & Chili
  • Beet Meze with Pomegranate Molasses, Yogurt & Pistachios
  • Fava Beans
  • Pork Rillettes with Cornichons & Baguette
  • Zataar Bread
  • Puffed Pita
  • Olives

Pudim Molotov with Matcha Cream, Pastry Cream, Caramelized Black Sesame Almonds, and Ginger Ice Cream

Pudim Molotov with Matcha Cream and Caramelized Black Sesame Almonds

Gluten-Free, Vegetarian & Vegan, Desserts & Chocolate
Pudim Molotov is a gluten-free Portuguese dessert with an egg white flan base that’s often served with a caramel sauce. I put a Japanese spin on my version.The link to egg white flan recipe I used and my additional ingredients are below.
Pudim Molotov with Matcha Cream and Caramelized Black Sesame Almonds


  • Egg White Flan in the Pudim Molotov recipe under Notes/Comment section.
  • Ginger Ice Cream (optional)


  1. Make an egg white flan, according to this recipe under Notes/Comment. Do not make the sauce.
  2. Pour enough Crème Anglaise to coat a platter that has an edge and is at least 11” in diameter or larger.
  3. Place the Pudim in the center.
  4. Put the Matcha (Green Tea) Cream Sauce in a squeeze bottle or in a small plastic bag that’s closed tightly with a rubber band and with a tiny amount removed from one corner of the bag to create a 1/8” hole. Drizzle the sauce over the flan and the Crème Anglaise.
  5. Place the almonds on and around the flan. You can insert them into the sides of the flan since it’s soft.
  6. Serve sliced with extra Crème Anglaise and Matcha (Green Tea) Cream Sauce and ginger ice cream.
Yield: Serves 8


Egg White Flan (don’t make the sauce in the recipe, just the egg white base.)
I used store-bought ice cream, but you can make your own or not serve it.


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