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Taste: “A world of food”—Baltimore Sun

This moment in food history rewards attention to the most nondescript joint in the strip mall, if only for the possibility of discovering some unsung maestro cooking a sublime Szechuan chili chicken or fried dried fish. Ask Tyler Cowen about this and other aspects of the contemporary human forage and he’ll offer a considered opinion: “It’s a great time to be living and eating.”

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“All Souled Up and Licking His Chops”—The Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)

If the devil is floating around at the moment looking for souls, I am a prime candidate.

After attending Jackie Gordon’s Fried Chicken Theory at the Republic Restaurant as part of the Food and Wine Festival, I am totally souled up.

With a mouth-watering array of soul food on hand. Sweet soul music on offer and a gospel choir belting out the Jesus vibes, this is one heavenly show.

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“Finger-clickin’…”—The Age (Melbourne, Australia)

The simple things in life are often the best, and Jackie Gordon’s fried chicken theory is exceedingly simple. This American born, half-Jamaican, open-hearted singer/chef says that if you eat soul food, the soul goes through you. Such a connection would be difficult to prove to the satisfaction of the AMA, but it feels right when you’re listening to some sweet blues and soul after a bowl of smoked sausage and seafood gumbo.

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