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The Parade of Pies | Pie Party Potluck LIVE! 2012

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - The Parade of Pies | Pie Party Potluck LIVE! 2012

It’s time for Pie Party Potluck LIVE 2012. Food bloggers and food professionals will be gathering to feast on pie on October 25th, 2012, from 6-9, at GE Monogram Design Center. Follow the action on Twitter. The Pie Party Potluck LIVE! hash tag is #PiePartyGE. As the attendees divulge what they are bringing to Pie Party Potluck LIVE! 2012 a drool-icious list will be quietly forming here.

Divas and Dragons and Dishes: Chinese New Year Recap 2012

I’m definitely still full from our “Year Of The Dragon” Chinese New Year Potluck event. Two weeks later?! How much food did I eat?

While the food was PLENTIFUL and STUPENDOUS and while I definitely had my fill, I’m brimming from our friends who bring their enthusiasm and their best to every event that Ken and I host.

I love the lead up to this event: The #TigerCNYPL twitter feed lights up with questions like “What should I make?”; “What are you making?”; “Please make… !” speculating and scheming. I love being the keeper of the menu. It’s both sweet torture and a thrill each time I ring the virtual gong, adding each dish to the feast and announcing it on the feed. 

As the menu grows bigger and the day of the event grows nearer, the anticipatory tweets get more frenzied. Everyone is excited about tasting each others food and getting to spend time with one another. A fun-filled feast and love fest—what more could you want?

Well, there is one moment, as the host, I could live without…

The Diva That Co-Hosted NYC Cookie Swap 2011

Have you stood face-to-face with over a thousand cookies that you could eat and take home to feast on? If you haven’t, you totally should!

I had the absolute DELIGHT! of hosting NYC COOKIE Swap yesterday with Maggy Keets, Gail Dosik and Ken Leung. What a fun event! The local and not so local food community came out in droves with their A-GAME cookies and it was STUPENDOUS!

I made: Cranberry Pepita Rugelach with Apple Honey Jelly | Stained Glass Ginger Cookies | Peppermint Chocolate Bark Stars

Let my video tell the tale of tasty treats…