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Roll Me A Winner: The Anatomy of the Crepe Terrine Cake

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Roll Me A Winner: The Anatomy of the Crepe Terrine Cake

I was inspired to make this crêpe terrine cake after eating the raspberry crêpe cake at Chikalicious Dessert Cafe in New York. The crêpes in both their version and the Lady M cake version seem impossibly thin to make. I’m not good at anal retentive, methodical repetitive cooking. I rocked thinking outside the box or rather inside the box aka terrine as I did with this cake.

The Maple Made Me Do It: I Made Freaking Rolls!

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - The Maple Made Me Do It: I Made Freaking Rolls!

I’m gluten choosy. I try to only eat AMAZING GLUTEN!!! I’m not allergic to it, but all that white flour cramps my gluttonous side. I can eat a lot more food if I avoid eating bread, pasta, crackers, pastries and other flour rich foods. That all went out the window the day I made rolls from scratch and I slathered them with maple sugar butter I made. GLUTENY GLUTTONY IN DA HOUSE!

Waving the Watermelon Salad

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Waving the Watermelon Salad

If you want to hear your most patriotic friends squeal, bring a red, white and blue watermelon salad to a potluck. Even the ones who may not agree with how this country runs will get a pang in their li’l disappointed hearts for this fun-looking salad. This salad bring delight and maybe just a smidgen of hope. LOVE IT or leave it because it will be eaten.

Green Tomato Roulette

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Green Tomato Roulette

LUCK is what you need to grow tomatoes these days because at any moment globally warming ENRAGED Momma Nature can throw drought, flood, frost, hail, etc. to seriously dent or demolish your tomato harvest. If you’re lucky and you get tomatoes and you have too many tomatoes, I encourage you to make Bread & Butter Green Cherry Tomato Pickles. You can also just buy green tomatoes as they have also been showing their faces at many a green market these days for fried green tomatoes. They are delish but these are healthier and keep better.

Go Beyond Seaweed Snacks: Nori Chips

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Go Beyond Seaweed Snacks: Nori Chips

Looking for something new to crunch on? Try delicious nori chips made from sheets of seaweed. Not talking about the Korean-Japanese chips that you get in the package, although I do love those as an on-the-go savory snack. I’m talking about a nori chip that thinks it’s a taco chip. It’s having an identity crisis and who benefits? We do!