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The Menus Of Thanksgivings Past

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - The Menus Of Thanksgivings Past

Learn from your past mistakes and your past wins. When I mentioned I was working on my Thanksgiving menu for 2014, a friend asked to share what I was thinking of doing so he might gain some inspiration for his menu. I always write a menu, but I don’t know what I actually made until after I made it. So here’s what I actually made for my double Thanksgivings for this and year and the past six years. I could have gone further back, but enough already!

Where Can I Rent a Kitchen in NYC?

The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table

To answer the age old dilemma of I NEED A KITCHEN!!! Here’s a list of kitchens you can rent in New York City to create a product, cook for catering or events, hold classes, shoot photos or video and even hold small events.

Make Those Wings You Make

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Make Those Wings You Make

No batter, no dredging, no added nothing. Just chicken, salt and pepper and slow, long heat (aka cook the sh*t out of them) make these chicken wings crunchy and crispy. You can eat them plain but we never do. Put something sticky, add something crunchy and go to town!

Smoked Duck Is My Fast Food

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Smoked Duck Is My Fast Food

Imagine if people could get smoked duck breasts instead of hamburgers at a fast-food joint. That’s the world I want to live in. You know that old saying: “Give a man a smoked duck breast that’s vacuum-sealed and will live in the refrigerator for months, and he will always have a delicious meal up his sleeve.”

Cobb Salad Over Imagined

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Cobb Salad Over Imagined

What if you had your way with the classic Cobb salad? As Frank Sinatra sang, “I did it my way.”

This is a Cobb salad that met up with a Niçoise salad that rejected its own fishiness. Not that I hate fish, but I thought if I add tuna and anchovies to this salad, on top of all the other things I already added, things would have definitely been a little fishy. ba-dum-bum-CHING