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Tap This! Smoked Paprika Mushrooms with Garlic Dust for the Reluctant Vegan Within

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Tap This! Smoked Paprika Mushrooms with Garlic Dust for the Reluctant Vegan Within

I think tapas has to be one of my favorite styles of food. I love small plates and lots of ’em. Plus, there’s always tons of garlic and pork in the food. Strangely, not everyone eats pork. As curious as this is to me, it’s a total bonus because it means there will be more pork for the rest of us.

Since they kindly add more pork to my life, I like to look out for vegetarians or vegans when I can. So I made up this excellent tapas or side dish recipe.

Top This Persian-ish Lentil Soup

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Top This Persian-ish Lentil Soup

The only thing I like better than a food crawl is a cabana boy ’n‘ food crawl. That’s where I and my most favorite food pals lie around in complete comfort, sipping sauvignon blanc, while being fed the most delicious foods in New York City by hot nubile young men while other hot young things scamper around town bringing more and more treats. Maybe this should be called a cabana boy crawl NOT! ← THIS DOES NOT EXIST!!! (but don’t you think it should?)

Salted Chocolate Honey Roasted Peanut Caramel Crunch Bars

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Salted Chocolate Honey Roasted Peanut Caramel Crunch Bars

My friend Justin who writes the blog Just Cook NYC stopped eating gluten last year before the New York Food Blogger Bake Sale.

He looked great and felt much better, but it was challenging for him when it came to eating out with friends. When you go gluten-free, you’re limited by what you can eat, especially when it comes to sweets because there’s a whole lotta gluten going on.

I’ve always loved to bake. Not because I have such a sweet tooth, but because it makes people really happy. So there’s always lots of gluten in my oven. But, challenged and inspired by Justin and knowing that there’d be more people with gluten allergies at the Brooklyn Flea, where the bake sale was held, I thought let me make something for those folks.

How To Temper Chocolate Without Losing Your Temper

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - How To Temper Chocolate Without Losing Your Temper

While chocolate has been very, very good to me, I don’t consider it a friend, especially when it comes to making chocolates. It’s made me stomp, scream and cry. I’m certain that at least half my gray hairs are from chocolate. Still I make chocolates because they delight people. So here is a recipe for the easiest way I found for hand tempering chocolate. The seriously easiest way is with a tempering machine, but that is not always an option.

My Brownie Roots

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - My Brownie Roots

I’ve been making this brownie recipe foreva! I started out using the recipe on the back of the Baker’s Chocolate box (who else can remember the disappointment when you bit into a block of Baker’s unsweetened chocolate? YUCK!). Back then, I’d chop up milk and dark chocolate Hershey’s bars to make them “triple chocolate”—Hey, we did not have a lot of chocolate choices back then. I thought I was very clever at the time.

The Beet Goes On

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - The Beet Goes On

When I was a kid my mom and I loved beets. Yes, even canned. It seems that almost everyone, including my brothers, hated them. I love how they came back into fashion even got trendy. Now everyone’s a beet lover like they were never hating on them. Sure… Sure…  If I’d shown up with a roasted beet salad with a preserved lemon dressing topped with dukkah crusted labne balls I would have had to eat it alone.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - Chocolate Cupcakes

OK, I admit it. I’m a cupcake SNOB! I poo-poo most of them. Too sweet. Too colored. Too much unnecessary crap on top. These cupcakes are for adults and kids who are looking for a more sophisticated CHOCOLATE cupcake experience. The predominate flavor is chocolate. The cake is tender. The ganache frosting is just cream and chocolate… as it should be. I did put a practically inedible silver dragee on the one in this photo, but that was just for the photo which for “food porn-ability” I deemed necessary. Luckily, there are many recipes and places you can get cupcakes where SWEET is predominate flavor experience. For the rest of you, read on.

How to Make Shepherd’s Pie Stuffed Mushrooms

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef - How to Make Shepherd’s Pie Stuffed Mushrooms

While mushroom caps stuffed with a hearty shepherd’s pie filling, topped with mashed potatoes and Irish cheddar cheese was inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, it’s not really one of my celebrated holidays. I’m not one to run out and make a bunch of green-colored food, especially if the green color does not occur naturally. PLUS, I’d never, ever drink green beer (shuddering).